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Jordon's Open House

This weekend was my brother's graduation party and I worked on my party detail skills. I had fun photographing the details of the candy bar, food displays, the people, and the personalized decor. I wouldn't say event photography is where I'm most gifted, but I still had fun doing it.

It was definitely a different experience photographing an event versus taking photos during a session. During a session I set my settings up how I like them and they don't need to be tweaked a lot, however when doing an event such as this one where there was different lighting at almost every angle I was shooting from, it's more of a challenge. I was taking photos in several rooms and locations such as the living room, garage with the door closed, garage with the door open, in front of the house, and behind the house. It also rained on and off throughout the day so my outside light was changing all afternoon, but I made it work and I captured some memories for the books.

I hope to improve my skills further as I continue to take photos for both business and my personal life. I'm always learning and I think that is the beauty of photography, there is always something new to learn about it and countless ways to explore it.

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