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The Wide Open Future

Whether you're preparing for your senior year of high school or preparing for a new baby, the future holds a lot for you. The future holds a lot of wide open unknowns which can be scary, but that's not all bad. There are so many adventures waiting for you out there.

Two words; Senior. Year. This is something so many students and parents look forward to and one of my favorite life adventures to photograph. Senior year is full of anticipation and excitement for lots of reasons, one of those; college is coming up quickly! Believe me, it comes up faster than you would expect it to and goes by so fast. Jakob is planning on pursuing a career in criminal justice which I can only imagine takes a lot of patience, but for now enjoy these photos, good luck Jakob!

Another fun adventure is having a baby! An adventure that is waiting right around the corner for Thomas and Lauren! I am so excited for the two of you and your growing family! Congratulations!

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